The Horse Thief, Chapter II

The Horse Wrestler

The Horse Thief by Dimitri Staszewski, Chapter II

  • The Horse Wrestler
  • The Horse Wrestler
  • The Horse Wrestler

Photography & Words by Dimitri Staszewski
Films by Dimitri Staszewski
Edited by Bis Turnor
Editor in Chief Vincenzo Angileri
Executive Producers Albert Folch, Rafa Martínez

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Dimitri Staszewski

Dimitri Staszewski

Documentary Photographer and Film Director
Dimitri Staszewski is an award-winning documentary photographer and filmmaker whose work transports viewers to both remote and familiar landscapes to engage with often overlooked communities. From the Mongolian steppe to rural Southern California, Staszewski’s work illuminates the relationship between people and the land they inhabit, as well as the traditions endured as a result of that relationship.
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