A visual essay by Carlos de Javier

Red Endless Youth


A vision by Carlos de Javier

  • The desert sand became soft. It made it impossible to cross the dunes and I was forced to stay the night, lost in the wide open, with only snakes and scorpions for company.
  • Red Endless Youth
  • It’s curious how the few inhabitants of this land prefer walking alongside their dromedaries; how they like to repose beneath a lonely acacia’s shade.
  • Red Endless Youth
  • The Big Atlas is North Africa's highest peak; up there one can witness the argelian Sahara’s sand storms distanced more than a 1000 kilometers away.

Words and photography. Carlos de Javier

Carlos de Javier

Carlos de Javier

Carlos studied Art because he liked comics, until one day he discovered he was more interested in the story behind them. He is not a writer, nor does he draw. Carlos tells stories. That’s why he travels: to collect them.
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