A visual essay by Javier Solana

Glimpses of Nomadic Life


A vision by Javier Solana

Photography & Words by Javier Solana

Edited by Laura Beneyto

Javier Solana

Javier Solana

Writer and photographer
Javier Solana is a writer and photographer from León (Spain). For the past ten years, he has travelled in more than 25 countries, most of them in Asia, and has a special interest in the history and people of Central Asia. Today he lives in Scotland, where he teaches commercial law at the University of Glasgow. He has recently published El vientre de las granadas (Eolas Ediciones, 2019), a travel book about his first trip to Iran, the travelogue Japan: Glimpses of the Otherworldly (2018), and Roof of the World (2018), a photographic essay on the life of Kyrgyz nomads living in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region in Tajikistan.
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