Surf Caribbean, Chapter I

High hopes

Surf Caribbean by Albert Folch and Primoz Zorko and Fran Torres, Chapter I

Every initial plan was ruined. Strong winds hit the coastline each day and made surfing in the Ocean impossible. The wind arrived on shore, and the current was strong. We get the car and drive to the South. We change the plan: each and every day we’ll drive for long hours to reach other surfing spots.

We put our boards in the car and go. Surfing an island turned out to be thrilling. As it’s surrounded by ocean on all sides, you know there’ll always be a good spot to surf, you just have to find it. Things were getting better, and our determination to hit the waves paid off. Surfing along huge turtles is something us Europeans don’t easily forget.

  • High hopes
  • High hopes

We traveled to so many spots we lost track of count. Our ultimate challenge was surfing the Soup Bowl, a spot located near the town of Bathsheba, in the East, where waves arrive after having traveled undisturbed for thousands of miles in the open sea, before breaking on the shore. One of the best waves in the world.

We mount into the car again. Our gazes are already riding the waves caressing the shore. They come from a distance, undisturbed by sandbars, reefs and land. While we unload our stuff, the waves breath into our ears. They break and rumble. As the sea’s foam reaches our feet I’m already holding the board. It’s the first time I’m doing reef breaks and in front of me there are huge stand-up barrels.

When the wind ceases, I see it as a sign to get rid of thoughts and fears. As I start paddling out I still haven’t managed to do so though and I have some difficult take offs. I ride my first waves without much confidence. Soup Bowl’s breaks are hard. as I’m still trying to clear out my mind from negative thoughts, somebody calls my name from the water. A girl I met once in the Canaries is waving at me. I’m amazed and surprised, and ironically, after meeting her, I get rid of all fears. Everything suddenly feels familiar and under control, even though it might have not been. I feel home in the blue.

  • High hopes

Pictures. Primoz Zorko
Artwork. Ángela Palacios
Words. Albert Folch with Vincenzo Angileri

Surf Caribbean
Short film

Presented by Eldorado
Produced by Republicana de Cine
Executive Producers. Guille Cascante, Albert Folch, Rafa Martínez
Editor in chief. Vincenzo Angileri
Filmed by Fran Torres
Editor. Arturo Bastón
Music. from Antarctica by Windy & Carl

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Albert Folch

Albert Folch

Surfer and Art director
Founder and creative director from Folch, a graphic design agency based in Barcelona working for the most prestigious national and international clients. Albert was one of the founders of the acclaimed Apartamento magazine. Partner of the new footwear brand Deux Souliers, he is behind the erotic publication Odiseo and Eldorado, one of his most ambitious projects. Beside his creative skills, he is a nature lover and he is absolutely addicted to surf.
Primoz Zorko

Primoz Zorko

Surfer and Photographer
Visual stuff maker, currently living in Ljubjana. He works as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, photographer. The rest of the time he is probably someplace warm, surfing.
Fran Torres

Fran Torres

Fran is an Argentine filmmaker with over 15 years of experience directing commercials both national and international. He is the founder of the production Republicana de Cine together with his inseparable companion Dany Boyero. After having documented a motorbike journey from Madagascar to Japan, he turned into a story seeker, eager to find unique and great experiences around the world.
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