A visual essay by Dizy Díaz and Marina Moreno

Plastic Paradise

West Java, Indonesia

A vision by Dizy Díaz and Marina Moreno

  • Plastic Paradise

Photography by Dizy Diaz
Words by Marina Moreno
Edited by Bis Turnor

Dizy Díaz

Dizy Díaz

Surfer and Photographer
Local surfer from Playa de Sta. Marina (Ribadesella, Asturias) and freelance photographer, Dizy uses analogue photography as a form of expression. He sees the imperfection of film and the dirt of grain as something truly authentic. When he was 15, 'Paris-Texas' by Wim Wenders changed his way of seeing the things around him. In that moment, he choose photography as a travel mate for the rest of his life. His first work as a photographer was a portrait of the city of his birth, which represents a strong influence in the aesthetics of his photography.
Marina Moreno

Marina Moreno

Marina Moreno is a product designer from the Canary Islands influenced by the sea and volcanoes. Just like the ocean where she grew up, she is always on the move. Her curiosity and her desire to learn have inspired her current travels and a personal project which explores the concepts and rituals surrounding everyday objects. In her work she pays special attention to the inherent relation between objects, people and environment.
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