A visual essay by Pablo Garcilita and Inés Magaña

High Altitude


A vision of Bolivia by Pablo Garcilita and Inés Magaña

Photography and words by Pablo Garcilita & Inés Magaña
Edited by Bis Turnor


Pablo Garcilita

Pablo Garcilita

Architect & Photographer
Pablo Garcilita is an architect turned photographer. His biggest inspiration comes from the passion and constancy one must give in any sport to achieve perfection. To take the body to the limit, just as he did for 14 years in athletics. Pablo founded a film company, Mut, in Guadalajara his native city to tell the stories behind any athlete. His first experience with nature was conquering the summit of Iztaccíhuatl, one of the highest mountains in Mexico. Since then he seeks to find himself and others in nature, traveling, connecting with strangers through his lens to tell their story.
Inés Magaña

Inés Magaña

Journalist & photographer
Inés Magaña writes poems since she was 6 years old, the purest way she relates to her surroundings is by transforming it into words. Graduated in Journalism with a speciality in Documentary Photography, she uses images and letters in constant union to describe what is happening before her eyes, peacefully demanding change or simply greater awareness of the environment. Although she loves everything about Mexico, she hopes to never take root anywhere and remain objective.
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