A visual essay by Helena Palau

A Different Rhythm


A vision by Helena Palau

Photography & words by Helena Palau
Edited by Bis Turnor

Helena Palau

Helena Palau

Photographer and filmmaker
Helena Palau is a photographer and filmmaker from Barcelona specialised in creating travel and outdoor product content. Through her photography and her Instagram account, Helena reflects her passion for nature, her social concerns and her desire to create an outreach space around her work and travel. He has collaborated with mountain brands such as Cotopaxi or Teva and has carried out professional projects in countries such as Uganda, together with the NGO Petit Detalls and Vietnam, for Sea2See. She is always committed to professional projects related to the environment, sustainability or social causes and movements such as feminism and human rights. In this way, she seeks to foster responsible content creation, running away from the more fictitious side of social media.
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