Surf Morocco, Chapter XXX

An unadulterated enjoyment

Riding along African coasts blown by sweltering desert winds

Surf Morocco by Albert Folch and Dizy Díaz, Chapter XXX

  • Fishing boats laid down on the shore. In the background, the houses where the fishermen spend the most of their time, far from their family.
  • An unadulterated enjoyment
  • An unadulterated enjoyment
  • An unadulterated enjoyment

Photography. Dizy Díaz
Drawings. Ángela Palacios

A special thanks to the others travellers Xavi Carbonell and Santos Henarejos

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Albert Folch

Albert Folch

Surfer and Art director
Founder and creative director from Folch, a graphic design agency based in Barcelona working for the most prestigious national and international clients. Albert was one of the founders of the acclaimed Apartamento magazine. Partner of the new footwear brand Deux Souliers, he is behind the erotic publication Odiseo and Eldorado, one of his most ambitious projects. Beside his creative skills, he is a nature lover and he is absolutely addicted to surf.
Dizy Díaz

Dizy Díaz

Surfer and Photographer
Local surfer from Playa de Sta. Marina (Ribadesella, Asturias) and freelance photographer, Dizy uses analogue photography as a form of expression. He sees the imperfection of film and the dirt of grain as something truly authentic. When he was 15, 'Paris-Texas' by Wim Wenders changed his way of seeing the things around him. In that moment, he choose photography as a travel mate for the rest of his life. His first work as a photographer was a portrait of the city of his birth, which represents a strong influence in the aesthetics of his photography.
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