Shaped by the wind, Chapter I

Why does wilderness calms me?

Shaped by the wind by Mario Dávalos, Chapter I

There are two constant conflicts driving my life: business vs art and wilderness vs civilization. In these expeditions, am I running away from or towards something?

There are strikings similitudes between the Arctic tundra and the Patagonian steppe: the rolling hills, the low thickets, the mythical rhythm of the land and the piercing predators that make it home.

Photography & Words by Mario Dávalos

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Mario Dávalos

Mario Dávalos

Artist, Writer and Photographer
Mario is a Dominican artist, writer and photographer. His work has been featured in the NY Times, Discover Wildlife by BBC and Outdoor Photographer Magazine. He is the author of “Narraciones para Incriminarme”(2003), “Todo lo que quiero es olvidar” (2012), “Wildscapes”(2013) and “Africa: narraciones de un viajero”(2014). Mario works in some of the last wild places of Earth, producing images that explore beauty and silence. He is 40 and lives in Santo Domingo.
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