A visual essay by Eileen McDougall

Floating on the Edge

Loktak Lake, India

A vision by Eileen McDougall

  • Floating on the Edge
  • Floating on the Edge

But during those delectable, days of floating, I discover the lives of the lake and its precious phumdis are under threat. A recent hydroelectric barrage has interrupted Loktak’s natural cleaning process which, during the monsoon, washes the phumdis and silt out the lake, through Myanmar to the Bay of Bengal. Now the phumdis and silt are building up, strangling Loktak. As one local says, “she gives us life, but we don’t know how much longer she will live.”

  • Floating on the Edge

Photography & Words by Eileen McDougall
Edited by Marion Garnier

Eileen McDougall

Eileen McDougall

Writer and Photographer
Eileen is a writer and photographer who lives between London, Scotland and India. She has a special interest in the culture and contrasts of South Asia where she works on long-term writing and photography projects. Her work attempts to tell the stories of the people and places she discovers, to those who normally wouldn’t heard them. She is particularly interested in rural communities, and their relationships with the natural world.
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