A visual essay by Maria Elisa Gómez

Going Nowhere

Kakuma, Kenia

A vision by Maria Elisa Gómez

  • Going Nowhere
  • Going Nowhere

Creative Action for Social Change is an initiative bringing together creatives with projects with a social impact. For World Refugee Day, they gathered some of Barcelona’s finest artists for a special fundraising event, during which you can donate to future projects. The artwork will be be part of a raffle taking place on 20 June at Sala Apolo, Barcelona. To donate you can buy a ticket online or at the event.

Artwork. The CA|SC Zine Project:
a workshop for children and teens in which they create a DIY zine about their lives and their communities.

Photography and words. Maria Elissa Gómez
Editing. Valerie Steenhaut

Maria Elisa Gómez

Maria Elisa Gómez

Maria Elisa Gomez is the brains and the intention behind CA|SC. Born in Colombia but living in Europe for over 15 years, she is a multidisciplinary creative who has been shifting her focus towards projects with a social impact in the past few years and has found in CA|SC a way to use her experience and that of others to bring them to life.
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