A visual essay by Alejandra Muñoz Santos

Embrace of the Rainforest

Dureno, Remolino, Pitirishka, Sacha Waysa and Palmas, Ecuador

A vision by Alejandra Muñoz Santos

This experience has been possible thanks to Yakum, a nonprofit organisation empowering indigenous

communities to lead rainforest regeneration and conservation to combat climate change.


Photos and words by Alejandra Muñoz Santos
Edited by Laura Beneyto

Alejandra Muñoz Santos

Alejandra Muñoz Santos

Creative Director & Founder
Alejandra Muñoz Santos has always had an immense passion for images and for the power of communication that they evoke. After graduating in advertising in Madrid where she is from, she turned to a career in photography; from the discovering of emerging photographers at the most respected fashion magazines to being creative director at luxury brands. In 2018, she founded her own branding studio THE SHELTER CREATIVE, to develop brand stories related to cultural and social innovation. Through her own photography, she focuses her interest on sublimating the unexpected and transcending the usual codes.
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