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A visual essay by Aleix Closa and Marina Muñoz

Unknown Bali


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A vision by Aleix Closa and Marina Muñoz

Photography & words by Marina Muñoz
Film by Aleix Closa
Edited by Bis Turnor

Aleix Closa

Aleix Closa

Marina about Aleix: Aleix likes to shower with the light off. He is a huge fan of dancing in the car while driving, which can be kind of cute. He can be the happiest child on earth when diving in the ocean. He loves analog photography and looses track of time in the lab. Aleix gives special attention to detail, and knows exactly how to convert feeling into art. But don’t expect him to call himself an artist. He is currently working on showing his inside of the world through documentary filmmaking.
Marina Muñoz

Marina Muñoz

Aleix about Marina: What you see is what she is. Marina is kind and genuine. She tries hard not to be judgmental. She has a degree in Psychology but she has always had a special eye for photography. Marina loves to read articles about human behaviour to understand those around her. On numerous occasions she has traveled alone across the world to contribute and learn from other communities. She is right now, working on a social project that tries to enhance the future of the new generations of Sidetapa.
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