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Eldorado is a vibrant, independent and ambitious project: travel and sport are its lifeblood, and thanks to your support the project is growing. Get involved with your story and your ideas, with your company and your skills. If you would like to participate with your story and be part of the project, just find your way to collaborate…

Tell us your story
If you are planning a journey somewhere or you have visual and text material from a previous one you did, get in contact with us. We will be pleased to give you further instructions, edit your story together and feature it in our editorial platform.
Media Partners
Spread the project
A great way to contribute to Eldorado is by helping us to make this project visible to the world. As a media partner you have the opportunity to share each Experience of Eldorado throughout your network.
Share our values
Sponsorship makes your brand an official presenter of all Eldorado activities and will relate it closely to the values and Experiences shared in Eldorado.
Photographers and Video Producers
Join a traveller
Eldorado is looking for photographers and videoproducers who share Eldorado's aesthetic and visual feeling: contact us, meet travellers and set out on a journey with them.
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