A visual essay by Kingston Trinder and Ester Vonplon

Innermore Arctic Worlds

Spitsbergen, Norway

A vision by Kingston Trinder and Ester Vonplon

Nevertheless, there remains a sublime, sorrowful beauty to these cyan-hued illustrations of decay. Quietened meditations, they cleanse the mind with the absolution of infinite white, allowing one’s thoughts to journey deeply, effortlessly within. Utter nullity offers a welcomed refuge from the maelstrom of thoughts, narratives and visions that often characterise our innermore worlds; spatial dimension disappears beneath the horizonless northern heavens. Time is no more, here, amidst the endless snow-drowned fields, the desolate tundra, the clouds of orphaned floes, and collapsing palisades of aching ice.

Photography. Ester Vonplon
Words. Kingston Trinder

Kingston Trinder

Kingston Trinder

That half-ambidextrous writer from darling New Zealand, Kingston Trinder considers himself rather fortunate to author works for several reputable journals, such as this one. Presently he is labouring upon a second, non-fiction book, Lickety Split.
Ester Vonplon

Ester Vonplon

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