A visual essay by Michal Bzdziuch

Gemmipass to Gran Paradiso


A vision by Michal Bzdziuch

  • Gemmipass to Gran Paradiso
  • Gemmipass to Gran Paradiso

Photography & words by Michał Bździuch
Edited by Bis Turnor

Michal Bzdziuch

Michal Bzdziuch

Architect and Photographer
Michał comes from Poland, but for a long time he has lived in Zürich, where most of his free time he spends hiking in the Alps. His photographs show the interest in the brutalist architecture, composition and the greatness and beauty of nature. He is interested in monumentalism, full of light mountainous spaces and nostalgic spots. He loves nights spent under a tent in high mountains, a good party, long conversations with friends and summer rafting on the river.
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