Sand, Salt, Water, Chapter I

Deserted Ocean

Sand, Salt, Water by Ramin Aryaie, Chapter I

We stand on the cliff overlooking the gigantic valley. Our feet firmly rooted on the ground, the strong wind blazing around our necks and ears. As if the valley was singing.

  • Deserted Ocean

Along a steep cliff I suddenly notice tiny moving dots. Distant bells ring. A soft echo vibrates through the valley, carried by the wind from the necks of their bearers into our ears, distant and weak, yet unmistakable. Sheep, dressed in thick wool, with their rough and beautiful faces, their tenderness and infinite wisdom graze the dry bushes.

  • Deserted Ocean

A few hundred metres away a dinosaur-like creature moves through the bushes across the dust. Its leathery skin bends and stretches as the eyes scan the surrounding environment to the right and left.

A calm floods me. Over the years, the water has designed playful models, sometimes smooth, sometimes harsh; the sun draws the edges.

Wadi Dana is a rocky valley that stretches down into a wide mountainous region. A mosaic of light beige, dark brown and mud red patterns, forms and lines. Water has carved far reaching lines into the hills.

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Ramin Aryaie

Ramin Aryaie

Experimental visual artist, web designer and film maker
Ramin Aryaie is a german-iranian experimental visual artist, web designer and film maker. His works interweave a variety of mediums and artistic approaches including photography, writing, film, sound, and design. He explores the material world through journalistic web hybrids, images and books and the human soul through abstract films, AV performances and installations. He is the founder of VOIIAGE and co-founder of the Liva Collective as well as a member of Justin Vernon's PEOPLE collective. He has worked and collaborated with artists such as Damien Rice, Justin Vernon, Vincent Moon and s t a r g a z e.
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