Sand, Salt, Water, Chapter II

Floating Through Nothingness

Sand, Salt, Water by Ramin Aryaie, Chapter II

The Arabic word wadi describes a valley carved into the landscape by water. While Dana offers spectacular lines created by streams and rivers, Rum is almost the opposite.

  • Floating Through Nothingness

The clouds move over the sky, their soft shadows drifting over the orange, dotted ocean. Only then I realized it is not too far from where Jesus climbed on a similar mountain to fast and meditate for 40 days.

  • Floating Through Nothingness

The cold air whips around my cheeks, excitement rises in my body. In the distance dark giants draw silhouettes against the starry sky. I drift away, towards the stars.

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Ramin Aryaie

Ramin Aryaie

Experimental visual artist, web designer and film maker
Ramin Aryaie is a german-iranian experimental visual artist, web designer and film maker. His works interweave a variety of mediums and artistic approaches including photography, writing, film, sound, and design. He explores the material world through journalistic web hybrids, images and books and the human soul through abstract films, AV performances and installations. He is the founder of VOIIAGE and co-founder of the Liva Collective as well as a member of Justin Vernon's PEOPLE collective. He has worked and collaborated with artists such as Damien Rice, Justin Vernon, Vincent Moon and s t a r g a z e.
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