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Sailing The Arctic, Chapter I

80 Latitude

Whales, dolphins and butterflies

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There are still places you can only reach by sailing. On board of Sterna, an 85-feet aluminium sailboat and under the guidance of its captain Albert Bargués and his crew, we head to the most extremes landscapes of the Norwegian Arctic, we meet its inhabitants, as well as reflecting about the the idea of home. This is the story about of all those people we met, which perhaps are conscious of something we all forgot: we are all travelling in this life. Watch the video

Sailing The Arctic by Guille Cascante, Chapter I North Pole

Just as if he was a Sterna Paradisae, the bird that gave name to the boat, he  was going to navigate 24 hours per day and 365 days in broad daylight. I felt in love with the project from the beginning. But the sentence that got me was: there are still places that one can only reach by sailing. Tintin, Stevenson, Melville, Conrad, O’Brien: all of them, rocking it in my mind through the trip. So when the boat was ready I jumped in! We were going to sail in the Norwegian Arctic.


The documentary “80 Latitude. Whales, dolphins and butterflies” by Goroka is coming soon.

Photo. Anna Huix
Drawing. Ángela Palacios
Words. Guille Cascante
Trailer. Guille Cascante & Goroka

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Guille Cascante

Guille Cascante

Filmmaker and Sailor
Founding partner and the head of the production company Goroka, a content producer specialising in creating and producing new formats and documentaries for screens of all kinds. Set up in 2005, it has produced nearly 1,200 TV programmes and 4 documentaries for TVE, Canal+, TV3, MTV, UER, BTV and Red Bull TV. It currently has the programmes Mapa Sonoro and Página 2 (TVE) and Caràcter (Canal33). On his free time, he loves to set off and sail to somewhere.
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