A visual essay by Carla Step

Unexpected Japan

A vision by Carla Step

  • Unexpected Japan

Photography and words by Carla Step
Edited by Bis Turnor & Simone Rossi

Carla Step

Carla Step

Carla is a visual artist who lives and works in Barcelona. She attended the degree in Graphic Design at Escola Massana and the specialization course in architecture and interior photography at the IEFC, although her greatest learning has always been through experimentation and self-discovery. Specialized in fashion photography, travel and portraits, her images always speak the same warm and intimate language: marked lines, washed colors and instants full of simplicity; her work is imbued with an atmosphere that takes us to unusual places and moments of reflection. An organic style in which there is no place for great artifices, but only the precise moment in which space, body and light merge.
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