A visual essay by Nikos Kachrimanis

Erupting Oblivion

Sicilia, Italia

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A vision by Nikos Kachrimanis

  • Erupting Oblivion
  • Erupting Oblivion
  • Erupting Oblivion

Photography & words by Nikos Kachrimanis
Edited by Bis Turnor

Nikos Kachrimanis

Nikos Kachrimanis

Nikos Kachrimanis is interested in familiarity and intimacy. He depicts or constructs colourful instances of small revelations or the ties to a sentimentally active state of the soul, as a means of preserving human nature in the middle of a swirling reality. He also has a degree in Dentistry and a PhD in Biomaterials and lives in Athens, Greece.
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