A visual essay by Helena Macruz and Daniel Cavalcanti

One Eye Open


A vision by Helena Macruz and Daniel Cavalcanti

  • One Eye Open
  • One Eye Open

Photography & Words by Daniel Cavalcanti & Helena Macruz
Edited by Marion Garnier

Helena Macruz

Helena Macruz

Writer and Translator 
Brazilian writer and translator based in Barcelona. She has a multidisciplinary background, with degrees in literature and communication, and post-graduate studies in performing arts and dance movement therapy. In the last years, she has worked as a translator for the marketing, education, and culture sectors. She is a frequent collaborator for Progressive International and develops personal projects as a writer.
Daniel Cavalcanti

Daniel Cavalcanti

Graphic Designer and Physicist
Daniel is a professional graphic designer, quantum physicist, and photography amateur from Brazil who lives in Barcelona. While his design practice mainly focuses on graphic identities for science and technology-related projects, he uses his personal projects to experiment with different languages, such as visual poetry, motion graphics, virtual reality, and photography. He is a natural-born traveler, having visited and photographed more than 40 countries around the globe. Daniel is currently an associate teacher at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and creative director at Bitflow studio.
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