California Here To Here, Chapter I

Morgan Maassen’s Pacific coast

California Here To Here by Morgan Maassen, Chapter I

Cities are not my style. They are too loud, too busy, and devoid of nature. To live in a city is to succumb to metal and glass, where to me, life is being in the great outdoors.

  • Morgan Maassen’s Pacific coast

My friend Nole is cut from the same cloth, and we’ve bonded over this since the moment we met. When you grew up in Hollister Ranch, a surfer mecca surrounded by thriving soil on the Pacific coast, you become either a cowboy or a surfer, or in Nole’s case, both. Nole’s talents in the water echo back to land, where he can handle his family’s farmland with effortless skill. His style in the water is flawlessly smooth; every movement has got a rhythm. On land, it is that of a delicate confidence and respect.

  • Morgan Maassen’s Pacific coast

We drove through California together – from the bottom to the top, along the Pacific Coast Highway. We zig-zagged in and out of the coast frequently. Our route continued to Big Sur, one of the most beautiful coastlines of the world. We were traveling through the middle of a crisp winter week, with the Californian light shining even more golden than it does otherwise. During these days, a long year of traveling to foreign locations was forgotten as I marveled at my state’s dynamic beauty.

  • Morgan Maassen’s Pacific coast
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Morgan Maassen

Morgan Maassen

Photographer and Surfer
Morgan is a young photographer who has climbed the ranks of professional surf photographers faster than any of his contemporaries. Growing up in Santa Barbara, he became casually acquainted with Bobby Martinez, Tom Curren, and Dane Reynolds through the proximity of shared surf sessions at and around Rincon. Morgans is on constant travel around the world.
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