A visual essay by Alessandro Vincenzi

Between Volcanoes and Sea


A vision by Alessandro Vincenzi

Photography and words by Alessandro Vincenzi
Edited by Bis Turnor

Alessandro Vincenzi

Alessandro Vincenzi

Alessandro is a Barcelona-based self-taught documentary photographer, who has worked for almost five years with Médecins Sans Frontières between Africa and Asia. In 2008 he left MSF and began a photographic career that led him to work for almost ten years in Eastern Europe. Thanks to photography Alessandro is able to penetrate and document different realities, thus acting as a link between those who have a story to tell and those who are willing to hear it. His works have been published in international media such as The Guardian, l’OBS, Le Monde, CNN, EPS, Vanity Fair, GEO, among others. Alessandro is a member of CAPTA Collective.
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