A visual essay by Chris Burkard

Water is a Demiurge

A vision by Chris Burkard

  • Even the smaller pieces of ice are larger then a car. It's hard to find scale when you're viewing them from above.
  • Water is a Demiurge
  • When the river flow is strong enough, all these smaller rivers will flow and feed into one larger stream. However at the same time, this single stream will break off and form smaller rivers that will eventually feed back into the main bend. It's a mind boggling exchange. Stunning and also hard to fully comprehend.

Words and photography: Chris Burkard

Thanks to Massif Management, Los Angeles

Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard

Photographer, Surfer and Motivational Speaker
Chris is an American self-taught photographer and artist, based in California Central Coast region. Burkard’s work is layered by landscape, lifestyle, surf, outdoor and travel subjects. Burkard has led trips to some of the coldest regions of the globe: his travels seek out adventure and perfect waves in some of the coldest harshest conditions known to man, including over seven trips in Iceland, Norway and other parts of Europe.
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