Surf Caribbean, Chapter II


Surf Caribbean by Albert Folch and Primoz Zorko and Fran Torres, Chapter II

The echoes of the European colonization that altered the face of the Caribbean still feel vivid. The natural Barbadian landscape was altered by intensive cultivation and development, and led to many of Barbados’ indigenous plants disappearing within the first few decades of colonization. Bulldozers are about to accomplish their mission of turning the luxuriant vegetation of the island into fancy resorts, expensive supermarkets on the street offer the same goods we would have found at home.

  • Disillusion

Instead of enhancing the island’s peculiarity and inner character, this ongoing transformation seems to pursue the creation of a generic sterile vision of the Caribbean: a somewhat exotic feeling that reassures Western people, an image that’s not too different from an advert.

“Mass tourism is a plague.” While this thought crosses my mind an ironic question arises: Am I part of this too? Is there any difference between us seeking wilderness and the rich western people coming and taking this land as their golden playground?

Pictures. Primoz Zorko
Artwork. Ángela Palacios
Words. Albert Folch with Vincenzo Angileri

Surf Caribbean
Short film

Presented by Eldorado
Produced by Republicana de Cine
Executive Producers. Guille Cascante, Albert Folch, Rafa Martínez
Editor in chief. Vincenzo Angileri
Filmed by Fran Torres
Editor. Arturo Bastón
Music. from Antarctica by Windy & Carl

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Albert Folch

Albert Folch

Surfer and Art director
Founder and creative director from Folch, a graphic design agency based in Barcelona working for the most prestigious national and international clients. Albert was one of the founders of the acclaimed Apartamento magazine. Partner of the new footwear brand Deux Souliers, he is behind the erotic publication Odiseo and Eldorado, one of his most ambitious projects. Beside his creative skills, he is a nature lover and he is absolutely addicted to surf.
Primoz Zorko

Primoz Zorko

Surfer and Photographer
Visual stuff maker, currently living in Ljubjana. He works as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator, photographer. The rest of the time he is probably someplace warm, surfing.
Fran Torres

Fran Torres

Fran is an Argentine filmmaker with over 15 years of experience directing commercials both national and international. He is the founder of the production Republicana de Cine together with his inseparable companion Dany Boyero. After having documented a motorbike journey from Madagascar to Japan, he turned into a story seeker, eager to find unique and great experiences around the world.
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