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A message for the President Elect of the United States

2016 gave us one of the ugliest, dirtiest elections in the history of America, and maybe even the world. Drumpf holds certain beliefs that may prove detrimental to the environment and he has made dozens of ridiculous promises, but his idea to build a wall separating the United States from Mexico, which the latter is expected to fund, remained one the hottest topics of his entire campaign.

Well, it looks like data artist Josh Begley made an argument that cannot be rebutted.

The utter absurdity behind Drump’s project is magnified in this captivating video from Field of Vision – “a filmmaker-driven documentary unit that commissions and creates original short-form nonfiction films about developing and ongoing stories around the globe.” The feasibility of his plan was ardently debated and discussed throughout the past year. Stitching 200,000 satellite images that cover every inch of the boarder, however, simply says it all.


Film by: Josh Begley

Aleksandra Klimowicz, Contributor
Born and raised in Warsaw, she was infected with a love for travel before she could talk. A total foodie with vegan inclinations, and a serious chickpea addiction. Due to her love of sunsets, the sea and shells, she intends to spend her life at the beach. Never leaves the house without a pair of shades or her camera, she shoots film and writes about people and place that inspire her. Some people have cats, but she has cactuses.
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