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It’s the Journey, Not the Destination


It’s the Journey, Not the Destination

A look into Christo's newest project, Floating Piers

Bulgarian artist Christo has made environmental art alongside his late wife and creative partner, Jeanne-Claude for decades. They have been responsible for installing thousands of gates across New York’s Central Park and enveloping entire mountains and buildings in fabric. In this clip, director duo, Roberto de Paolis and Carlo Lavagna captured his latest work – Floating Piers, comprised of 100,000 square meters of buoyant walkways made of 220,000 wrapped plastic cubes that connect several islands around Lake Iseo in northern Italy. The walkway was open to the public for 18 days this summer.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude began conceptualizing the Floating Piers in 1970, meaning the project was 46 years in the making. In this short clip Christo speaks about the importance of the creative process and explains how it is often the that is the true work of art. He describes these intangible experiences as tied to a very precious and time, much like our own lives.

Film: Roberto de Paolis and Carlo Lavagna



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