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Save Them

May you always remember the path that leads back

Forest Woodward is a Brooklyn based photographer specialising in adventure and lifestyle photography. Recently, with a little help from his friends at Gnarly Bay and the support of American Rivers he released this short film, which follows the story of him and his father Doug as they take a trip down the Colorado river to relive a white water expedition led by Doug 43 years earlier. The documentary features astounding shots of the Grand Canyon and North American landscapes, calling attention to the fact that his natural masterpiece of faces a battery of threats.

The specifics of the story are, of course, unique to Forest and his dad, but the insights he shares are relatable to his generation as a whole. Whether it’s the fear of our own fathers getting older, the questions we may have about their youth, or the triggered stream of memories from our own important places, it is basically guaranteed that you’ll be on the phone with your parents by the end of this clip.

Film by: Gnarly Bay and Forest Woodward

Edit: Jordan Ingram + Gnarly Bay

Additional Audio Mixing: Joshua Svare

Supported by American Rivers / Chaco Footwear / NRS / Goal Zero / Marmoset Music / Story & Heart

Aleksandra Klimowicz, Contributor
Born and raised in Warsaw, she was infected with a love for travel before she could talk. A total foodie with vegan inclinations, and a serious chickpea addiction. Due to her love of sunsets, the sea and shells, she intends to spend her life at the beach. Never leaves the house without a pair of shades or her camera, she shoots film and writes about people and place that inspire her. Some people have cats, but she has cactuses.
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