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Bidean with James Parry


Bidean with James Parry

Exploration and nose riding with British longboarder

James Parry is known to be one of the best classic longboarder in Europe.  His very smooth and well-balanced style have made the reputation of the Cornwall-based longboarder.

Currently chasing waves in France and northern Spain with a rack full of logs, James Parry is living the real life along the Atlantic coast, as captured by Adrian Lopez in his latest edit entitled “Bidean” (meaning paths, way, roads in Basque).

Film & Edit: Adrian Lopez

Music: Fiona Walden & Jim Keller

Elisa Routa, Contributor
Born in the South West of France, she grew up along the Atlantic Coast where she developed a deep love for the ocean. She sees roadtrips as a database of inspirations able to feed her writings. Her texts are the results of her modified memories, fuzzy and filled with emotion.
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