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Shades of Blue


Shades of Blue

Can you feel the eunoia?

Eunoia translates into the goodwill towards an audience, either perceived or real; the perception that the speaker has the audience’s interest at heart. A fitting title for this captivating clip from Desillusion Magazine filmed in the Maldives complete with an immersive soundtrack by Johnny Fiasco.

The project was directed and filmed by Sebastien Zanella and supported by Fox Head. The clip has been edited with quick, dynamic shots from above and underwater that are filled of bubbles and waves in the most remarkable blue palette.

Fullscreen mandatory.

Directed and Filmed by: Sebastien Zanella

Featuring: Pedro Boonman

Music: Transient by Johnny Fiasco

Produced by: Johann Bondu

Aleksandra Klimowicz, Contributor
Born and raised in Warsaw, she was infected with a love for travel before she could talk. A total foodie with vegan inclinations, and a serious chickpea addiction. Due to her love of sunsets, the sea and shells, she intends to spend her life at the beach. Never leaves the house without a pair of shades or her camera, she shoots film and writes about people and place that inspire her. Some people have cats, but she has cactuses.
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