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Positive Vibration in Jamaica


Positive Vibration in Jamaica

200 surfboards shipped to the land of wood and water


«If you’re all positive, have a good mood and good vibe, as you call it in Jamaica, which is a vibration, it’s just gonna attract good and positive things to you.» says Kingston’s surf scene’s leader Billy “Mystic” Wilmot.

In 2014, the Gudauskas brothers left for their very first surf trip in Jamaica. Witnessing the lack in the infrastructure of modern surf equipment, Dane and Tanner Gudauskas tried to find a way to help the Jamaican growing surf culture. Two years later, they set up on social media asking people to donate any surfboards they may have and ended up gathering 200 surfboards. In 2016, they shipped them out to to Kingston Harbor, the land of positive vibrations full of passion for the ocean. Here is the trailer of their film, premiered on the 13th of September at the Surfing Heritage Museum in San Clemente, California.

Presented by Positive Vibe Warriors
A film by. Graham Nash Film.
With Pat, Dane and Tanner Gudauskas.

Elisa Routa, Contributor
Born in the South West of France, she grew up along the Atlantic Coast where she developed a deep love for the ocean. She sees roadtrips as a database of inspirations able to feed her writings. Her texts are the results of her modified memories, fuzzy and filled with emotion.
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