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“With one breath, I’m a part of it”


“With one breath, I’m a part of it”

Ian Derry talks about an extreme treatment Johanna Nordblad did under the ice



“With one breath, I’m a part of it”
“With one breath, I’m a part of it”

There is no place for fear, no place for panic,
no place for mistakes.

There’s only one life to live and admire the beauty of this world. It’s common to say this, but it’s true. Johanna Nordblad found this reality while recovering from a downhill biking accident that almost cost her leg. To recover from such a terrible injury she did an extreme treatment. However she discovered the biggest materialization of beauty under ice; in a cold and silent water.

She admits that the cold water was an agony at first, but once she took control of herself, of the place, of the time, she found trust. “When you do all of that you find yourself in a different world, a world so peaceful and beautiful.Ian Derry is able to show us in this film that landscape with frames, with almost no colors and high contrasts. Different whites, familiar textures and only one single blue: the color of the molten ice, where Johanna found her recovery.

Under the ice you need total control of the place, the time and to trust yourself completely.

“Johanna Nordblad: Under the ice”

Presented by NOWNESS

Directed by Ian Derry

Sandra López García
Sea and surf lover, she feels uncomfortable in land. Luckily, she managed to channel her hyperactivity into creativity. Water colors and background music to relax; and a 35mm film to express herself.
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