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The Journey Back Home


The Journey Back Home

Exploring the notion of belonging and how travel experiences shape our identity

Where in the world feels like home and what makes you feel like you belong there?

This film, commissioned by German airline, Lufthansa features Kiyoshi and Satoru Inoue on their personal journey, traveling to a place they call home. The brothers grew up in Denmark, but feel an innate connection to Japan, the country their parents came from.

We follow them to Yakushima and Kagoshima where they visit Sakurijama, a mystical volcano they were told about as children. Inspired by Heimweh [pronounced ˈhaɪ̯mˌveː], German for, a longing to travel to a place where you feel at home or where you can be completely yourself, the film “explores notions of identity and sense of place in an increasingly connected world.” Subsequently the Inoue brothers begin producing artisan ceramics utilizing volcanic ashes, and team up with French artist, Julien Colombier for a nature inspired collection.

It’s always bittersweet falling in love with advertisements, but this one depicting Japan’s surreal landscapes and mesmerizing culture is exceptionally difficult to resist. Leave it to an airline to remind us that nature is not a part of us, but we are a part of nature. 

Directed by: Aldona Kwiatkowski & Sylvie Weber

For Lufthansa 

Aleksandra Klimowicz, Contributor
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