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Alive in Alaska


Alive in Alaska

A glimpse into the nomadic life of the photographer Alex Strohl during an adventure in Alaska.

French photographer Alex Strohl moved to Canada ages 19 to explore a new world. He began shooting seriously in 2008. “They say that in life, you need to do something you love. I’ve always tried to live by that notion. But then, it becomes a trap because if it’s something you love, you think about it all the time.” Over the years, Alex became an Instagram sensation, recently reaching more than 1,5 millions of followers.

The adventure photographer spends around 8 months a year on the road. From Alaska, to Montana and across Canada, Alex documents the fascinating landscapes, world’s steepest roads, spectacular canyons, snowy mountains, frozen lakes, and foggy horizons. “Any place where the mountains meet the oceans is the place that I really love,” he says, confiding a swinging penchant for Alaska, its incredible proximity to nature, intimidating weather, rugged and unforgiving landscapes. “His love for being outside is pretty contagious.” says his business partner and friend Isaac Johnston.

Known for giving us our daily dose of adventures on Instagram, Alex Strohl chose to take a whole summer to travel to Alaska on the Alcan Highway in order to create a 7-minutes film to tell us more about his passions, his daily routine, and unique photography perspective. “Since I first picked up a camera, I’ve always wanted to make a film. Given that I didn’t know much about it, I reached out to my friend Mathieu Lelay to see if he would help make it.” He explained. “Our goal was to have a blast outside with friends and spend as much time possible in the Alaskan wilderness. We also wanted to shine a light on the struggles of freelancing and life on the road.”

Direction: Mathieu Le Lay & Alex Strohl
Cinematography: Mathieu Le Lay
Editing: Mathieu Le Lay
Mix: Laurent Mollard
Featuring: Alex Strohl, Andrea Dabene, Isaac, Meg, Isla & Emeline Johnston

Elisa Routa, Contributor
Born in the South West of France, she grew up along the Atlantic Coast where she developed a deep love for the ocean. She sees roadtrips as a database of inspirations able to feed her writings. Her texts are the results of her modified memories, fuzzy and filled with emotion.
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