Sand, Salt, Water, Chapter III

The Missing Giant

Sand, Salt, Water by Ramin Aryaie, Chapter III

  • The Missing Giant

The boulders lie one above the other as if a giant had once parked them here for a while, with the intention of collecting them later. But he never came back. Looking at the corpse of a once much larger lake, the name takes on a whole new meaning. Dead Sea.

White cristals are scattered across the rough, colorful surfaces that form dancing patterns.

  • The Missing Giant

Families sit on blankets, their cars parked next to them, on the edge, overlooking the endless ripples of the surface. Eating, laughing, praying. The young people play with a soccer ball; in the background, the blue.

Ramin Aryaie

Ramin Aryaie

Experimental visual artist, web designer and film maker
Ramin Aryaie is a german-iranian experimental visual artist, web designer and film maker. His works interweave a variety of mediums and artistic approaches including photography, writing, film, sound, and design. He explores the material world through journalistic web hybrids, images and books and the human soul through abstract films, AV performances and installations. He is the founder of VOIIAGE and co-founder of the Liva Collective as well as a member of Justin Vernon's PEOPLE collective. He has worked and collaborated with artists such as Damien Rice, Justin Vernon, Vincent Moon and s t a r g a z e.
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