Iceland On One Wheel, Chapter II

The Bare Elements

Where our search begins

Iceland On One Wheel by Stephanie Dietze, Chapter II Iceland

  • A floating land of ice: a vision of Iceland from below by artist Ángela Palacios

It would make a lot of sense to go outside, put a couple of pegs into the ground and secure the tent. But I can’t move. The air inside the tent is so cold, there’s no way I am getting out of my sleeping bag to expose myself to the wind. So I lie and listen to the spectacle going on outside, on the other side of the fabric in the soft light that is the night of Iceland.

  • The Bare Elements

What are we searching for out here, far away from the comforts of modern civilization? We know that it is pure luxury to have a choice, to opt for this lifestyle in uncomfortable conditions, for an adventure with an end date. While at home, we are constantly moving in a stream of information, running after what we or others think is a valuable future. Here, we try to stay away from people, while enjoying encounters with individuals that are on a search for something they can’t name themselves.

  • The Bare Elements

An early rise, a cup of tea to warm the body, hot oatmeal or eggs to get the energy for the day. Cleaning the dishes, putting together the tents, getting our packs ready for a hike or ride, loading the car – you want to make sure your toothbrush is in reach and not underneath backpacks and boxes of food, when you need it next. Then we go exploring, the hills, the lava fields, the warm rivers and glacier lakes.

  • The Bare Elements
  • The Bare Elements
  • The Bare Elements

When we get back with our stomachs growling, we cook dinner, put up the tents, and have another cup of tea to stay warm until our body heat has transformed the sleeping bags into comfortable cocoons.

  • The Bare Elements

We learn to respect the elements, to live with the rain, sit in a dark cave for an hour if necessary and to appreciate five minutes of sun. We sit on a boulder, shoulder to shoulder, looking at the crevasses of a glacier, not speaking for long stretches of time. We learn to put up our tents in wind-protected spots and to wear the same clothes for a week without showering.

  • The Bare Elements

Where can we find water for the day? How much food do we need to bring for the next couple of days? The simplest things keep us busy and let our thoughts at peace. With or without us, the natural run of nature will continue. In the big scheme of things, our actions, feelings and thoughts are of no importance. And for some reason, this fact makes us feel more alive than we ever have been.

Pictures. Stephanie Dietze, Lutz Eichholz, Giulia Tessari and Jesper Andersen
Words. Stephanie Dietze
Map. Ángela Palacios

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Stephanie Dietze

Stephanie Dietze

Freelance Copywriter and Mountain Unicyclist
Stephanie is a freelance copywriter based in Berlin. Her heart beats for rocks, roots, trails, and the mountains, which she explores on her mountain unicycle and her green VW camper van. As of now, Stephanie and her unicycle have gone on adventures on six continents, allowing her to be the hopeless nature romantic her parents have made her during long camping trips.
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