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Portraits At The Edge Of The World, Chapter II

Kulusuk. An Inuit song against the war

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In the Inuit language the word "war" doesn't exist. In the ancient times this community settled all disputes except murder through a song duel: this old tradition lasted until the XX century when it was banned by the Danish government. Anda Kuitse is a hunter and drum dancer living in Kulusuk, a small settlement in southeastern Greenland coast which is home to 200 people. Anda is the descendant of a family of shamans and he is now fighting for these traditions not to be forgotten and lost forever. A series presented by Nowness. Watch the video

Portraits At The Edge Of The World by Guille Cascante and Anna Huix, Chapter II

Presented by. Nowness
Produced by. Eldorado
Directed by. Goroka

Words. Guille Cascante


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Guille Cascante

Guille Cascante

Filmmaker and Sailor
Founding partner and the head of the production company Goroka, a content producer specialising in creating and producing new formats and documentaries for screens of all kinds. Set up in 2005, it has produced nearly 1,200 TV programmes and 4 documentaries for TVE, Canal+, TV3, MTV, UER, BTV and Red Bull TV. It currently has the programmes Mapa Sonoro and Página 2 (TVE) and Caràcter (Canal33). On his free time, he loves to set off and sail to somewhere.
Anna Huix

Anna Huix

Anna Huix is a London based photographer from Barcelona. She studied at Parsons School for Design in Paris and New York City. Amongst others, her work has been published in the New York Times, the Telegraph, the Guardian weekend magazines, and Monocle. She enjoys photographing remote places -the Baltistan region in Pakistan, Svalbard in the Arctic and Cape Horn in Chile to name a few. She likes people and their colors. She loves her job.
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